Q: How do I send in a story, sketchy email, or peculiar profile?

A: As of December 31, 2017, the site's no longer actively posting. That being said, if you're dying to tell us something, send it over to abadcaseofthedates at gmail dot com or use our handy contact form. We read everything. Everything. Even if we're no longer updating the site, we'll still read it. Eventually.

Q: Did you post every story that was sent in? What did you look for?

A: The site was curated and we therefore didn't post everything that came in. What we sought were well-told, concise stories that painted solid, specific pictures of particular people and incidents. We looked for true stories that stood out. If your story was similar to, "We went out and he/she didn't talk the entire time and it was boring and the end," then we probably wouldn't have posted it. We looked for the unique. The stories that we liked to read and post typically had the following in common:

1. They were unusual. Did your date behave in a strange way? Did he/she take you to a questionable location? Did he/she call you by a dead former significant other's name the entire time (this actually happened)? That's weird. We'd have wanted to read it.

2. They were believable. We prided ourselves on posting stories that actually happened. It's so much fun to learn more about the strange people with whom we share the planet, especially when we have locks on our doors to keep them out. If the story sounded too unrealistic, chances are we wouldn't have put it up.

3. They were well-written and humorous. This is a humor site. We want our readers to smile.

Q: How often was the site updated?

A: Since the site's inception in August of 2009, content was been posted, without fail, every day and then every week.

Q: I'm 50+/gay. Would you have been interested in my story?

A: Of course! Bad dates happen to everyone, and we were interested in everyone's bad dates.

Q: Hey! I found a story about myself on here! Take it down!

A: No. We changed all proper names/addresses/numbers within the story (although we didn't change the submitter's name unless the submitter specifically requested that we do so) and no one will know that they were talking about you.

Q: There are a lot of other bad date story sites out there. Why should I spend most of my hard-earned time on ABCotD?

A: If you like bad date stories, why limit yourself to a single site? See what's out there! What makes ABCotD unique is that our stories were curated (not everything made it in), edited (no huge paragraph chunks, rare misspellings, and no bad grammar to trip over), and no signup is required to read and enjoy. The stories we posted are awesome, and we're proud to offer the highest-quality bad date stories on the web!

Q: Why do I have to register to post a comment on a story?

A: We love free speech at ABCotD. We agree that you should be able to say whatever's on your mind (and within the bounds of legality - i.e., no slander, libel, etc.). We also believe that a speaker should take responsibility for what is said.

Q: Will you promote my product/service/book/film/webpage on your site?

A: Likely not. Nothing personal, but the site isn't really actively maintained, anymore.

Q: We'd love to interview you!

A: Thank you! Write us, and we'll be glad to help.

Q: I'd like to advertise on your site. How can I do that?

A: We're no longer accepting advertising queries. Thank you for your interest.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here!

A: Write us at abadcaseofthedates at gmail dot com and we'd be happy to help you! Eventually.

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