Story Sent in by Lisa:

Bob messaged me on a dating site and we chatted for a little while. He asked me if he could bring me to an awesome frozen yogurt place that he liked a lot. He was so excited about it that I had to indulge him. He gave me an address and told me to meet him there. I looked it up and was a bit confused. It seemed like the address was in some industrial area and according to Google Maps, at least, there was no ice cream or frozen yogurt place nearby.

I double-checked with Bob to make sure he had given me the right address and he assured me that he had.

I arrived in a parking lot for what seemed to be a warehouse and Bob showed up shortly thereafter. There was no frozen yogurt place in sight and so my curiosity (and trepidation) were at a height. Bob carried a small plastic grocery bag and he handed it to me.

"Frozen yogurt," he said.

I looked in the bag. It was a couple of plastic cups of grocery-store yogurt. Like Yoplait or something. And they were frozen rock solid. Frozen. Yogurt. Ha ha. Very funny.

Bob then said, "They're your problem, now," and then hurried back to his car and drove off.


  1. ...that may not have been frozen yogurt if they were open...

    1. Perhaps Bob was concerned Op wasn't getting enough calcium or creepiness.

  2. Why OP did you go? Jeez! A date in the middle of an industrial estate?

    I tried to figure out Bob's intentions. It too rubbish as a practical joke. Practical jokes are meant to be shared one way or another... I think it's possible Bob might have had more sordid intentions (involving his personal "yogurt") but, thankfully, had some after thoughts.

    1. It is also possible that Bob lost a bet, or is doing some sort of dare and left to report back that it was done. Of course, since it is entirely possible that yours is the correct guess about his motivations, OP should probably avoid future meetings where she goes alone to an industrial complex. Next time, the dude might bring help and he might not chicken out. Heck, could even be Bob again, with renewed determination to actually follow through this time.

  3. Bob's a boob. I hope makes better choices in the future. OP is lucky things didn't go south.Always meet your dates in public places. Stranger danger is always lurking.


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