The Attic Claims Another

Story Sent in by G.:

Out at coffee with Dakota, we reminisced over our childhoods and got on the subject of stuff that scared us while we were growing up. She told me that the attic of her childhood home was haunted. She said that it had occult imagery and weird paintings of grotesque acts and demons and so on.

I asked her if perhaps she was related to someone who had a death metal band. She then said that it was no laughing matter. She said that her father once went up to investigate and when he didn't return, her mother went up to check on him. Dakota then said with a straight face that she never saw either of them again.

I laughed at her. She kept it going, though. She said, "I'm serious. The police have a missing persons report open on both of them. I was 10 at the time. You can look it up. Google 'Ted and Kelly Severino missing' and you'll see the whole thing."

Dakota then excused herself to use the bathroom. I Googled the names she gave me and I found no information about her "missing" parents.

After a long while, Dakota still hadn't returned from the bathroom. I went and waited by the door and saw other people going in and out. It seemed that Dakota had left. I texted her, "You could've said bye at least," and she texted me back an image of a gross-looking demon thing.


  1. This is what people who date victims in horror movies sound like.

    "OMG, she kept talking about this video and how if you watch it, then you die? Then she told me about how all her friends died and she didn't believe it would happen to her so she watched the video too? So, long story short, girl is C-R-A-Z-Y. Also, I watched that video and....."

  2. Most demons I know (like Chunky Horse) are opposed to net neutrality, so it's not a stretch to believe that they somehow got Google to cease any mention of them. Hey, it works for China...

    Anyway, OP dodged a bullet. Once you're Marked, you're Marked for life...

  3. It would seem she suddenly decided she didn't like the guy or went crazy either way bullet dodged


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