Sounds Like I Should've Written to Your Sister

Email Sent in by Sasha:

Hi Sasha!!

Thankyou for writing to me wow where to begin about myself I cannot even think ok here goes I am a 35 years old man with a BIIIG family! I have seven brothers and a sister. You may think life for her was bad growing up but it was even worse for me because I had her for a sister. She was a terror and hell itself was unleashed the day she was born. She got two of my brothers into drugs! Everyone thinks that she is sad because she is the only sister but I can tell you that she is the worst. No one likes her and she knows it but she loves that. Its like she celebrates it and becomes even worse. She alsmost got my dad into drugs

You might never meet her but if you do she will try to sell you drugs. She will say ow good they taste and how one hit will not get you addicted. WRONG! WRONG! SHE WILL GET YOU ADDICTED. I think too much of you to see your life fall away. Do not trust my sister even though she is the only girl among my siblings she deserves no mercy.

I will wrote more about me in a future email. So how are you??


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  1. When you have nothing more to add than "oh dear"...


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