Date and Switch

Story Sent in by Kelly:

In high school Edward asked me out to dinner. While we were out he handed me a brochure and told me that his younger brother was selling random crap (think pocket protectors, thermoses, keychains, bookmarks, etc.) for some fundraiser. Edward then said, "Since you're now my girlfriend I was thinking you'd buy a lot of stuff."

Hold on there, buckaroo. I'm not your "girlfriend" after one date. And while I appreciate the offer, I don't need any of this garbage. I told Edward a nicer version of that.

He said, "But this is a date. So you're my girlfriend. Buy something."

I politely declined and then he asked, "Okay. Do you have any friends who might want to be my girlfriend?"

I told him, again politely, that I couldn't think of anyone. He then said, "I told my brother I'd sell like $1,000 of this stuff for him. I need a girlfriend right now," and then he left without picking up the check.

When I confronted him in school about it the next day, he said that he had to save his money in case he had to make up the balance he had promised his brother.


  1. People sell pocket protectors as a fund raiser? What kind of nerdy-ass school did you go to, OP?

  2. Step 1: Get a girlfriend
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: Profit!


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