No Country for Young Women

Story Sent in by Miri:

Before we met, Zach asked me what my favorite genre of music was. Then he asked me my least favorite. I don't really like whiny country music and told him so.

When we met in person, he took me out for drinks and gave me an unlabeled mix CD. Later on at home I popped it in. It was a single country song, the same country song for all 20 tracks on the CD, and it was unbelievably whiny. "Mah girl kissed mah tractor goodbaaaaah..." or some junk like that.

I wrote him a friendly email to thank him for drinks and jokingly asked, "Did you mean to make me the last CD in the world that I'd want?"

He wrote back, "You really didn't like it? Why not?"

I replied, "The guy's voice was terrible, the music was out of tune for half the time, the lyrics were awful..." I went on.

He wrote back, "That was all on purpose. I was dealing with the pain of loss. That was my song and me singing on it."

Oh. Oops. Well, it was still terrible. He didn't reply to my subsequent emails and that was the end of it all.


  1. Team OP. The guy knew she hated country music and recorded a crappy song anyway. Maybe his next whiny song can be about the OK Cupid date who kissed his tractor good bye. She did not think his tractor was sexy. It did not turn her on.

    1. She's never staring at him when he's chugging along?

  2. I find it hard to believe that OP couldn't tell the difference between a professionally released single and something that Zach recorded in his kitchen.

    I guess Zach and Miri won't be making a porno.

    1. He may well own a home studio haha but that doesn't excuse that he made the song something shed not like on purpose

    2. Well, if you don't listen to the genre of music, you probably can't tell. I don't listen to heavy metal and probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between something recorded in a studio vs. someone's garage.

    3. Ladydyani, you beat me to it, lol! Kudos to the movie reference.

  3. Old school country is pretty cool. El Paso by Marty Robbins, for example. I like the stories, yo...

  4. *Never* give an honest answer to that question.


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