Chesty La Roux

Story Sent in by Maria:

Brad showed up to our dinner with his button-down shirt half-unbuttoned. He had a yak's worth of chest hair and sat across from me and pointed at my blouse. He then said, "I've unbuttoned mine. Your turn."

I asked, "My turn to what?"

He said, "Unbutton. Go ahead. I'll wait."

I said, "I'm not about to unbutton anything for you. Sorry."

He then roared, "You're welcome!" and then just sat there as if he had accomplished something great. He hadn't. I went home and cooked myself some rice and that was my night.


  1. Hope OP gave herself a cookie at the same time!

  2. With a name like Maria, I bet she has some ginormous tatas...

  3. Bananas is quite fond of Himalayan beasts of burden. She totally would have given him a chance.

  4. Rice?For some reason this is the part that stood out in the story.


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