Cats Can Also Do This

Story Sent in by Sarah:

On my first date with Stephen we walked in a park and somehow made it to the topic of past lives. He said that he had been a "very good dog" in a past life in order to have been reincarnated as a human.

When I asked him how he knew he had been a dog, he said, "I feel comfortable on all fours. And check this out."

He then sat on the ground, bent over, and licked the inside of his upper thigh. "I can lick my own balls," he said.

I looked around to make sure that no one I knew could see me with this weirdo. I said, "Okay Stephen, that's enough."

He kept at it for a little while until he stood up and said, "One day, you'll see. You'll see everything."

I didn't wind up seeing much else as I made sure that was our only date.


  1. Wouldn't YOU do it if you could?

  2. If they were to have sex, I wonder what his favorite position would be? Humm.....I wonder...

  3. I'm guessing that Stephen wasn't trying to lick his way to the center of s tootsie pop and that his being single is not by choice.

  4. It ain't gonna lick itself!


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