Actually, John Mayer Forwards Works Just as Well

Email Sent in by Debbi:

I am looking for a woman to start world war 3 with! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It will be the biggest and best of the world wars. We will destroy an entire continents with our anger and love! What is the sound of a continent shattrering? omg listen to john mayer backwards and loud and you will know. You said on your profile you like John Mayer but I will not hold it against you. Well I will hold something against you but not John Mayer.



  1. For some reason I got the feeling as though the email sender was female (by the way it was written) and was surprised it was a guy. I know it was submitted by Debbie and the email states "looking for a woman" but to be honest, if I wanted to start WW3 I'd also pick a woman. Doesn't take a woman a long time to start a big fight over nothing...Am I rambling? Am I being mean? Am I making sense? I should stop posting high but I'm always high when the stories come out XD

  2. When I read "AAAAHHH!!!" I saw Terry Crews in his old spice commercials going "WORD WAR 3 AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

  3. Jerome has a Blank Space baby, and he'll write your name.


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