The Enron Method

Email Sent in by Eldin:

Hi Eldin:

I was thinking that we should start a business together. I work part time at a local farm and you own a laundromat. I hate my bosses so I propose a proposition (see what I did there? LOL JK) I say I bring all their accounting books over come quitting time and we take them for a round in one of your industrial washing machines! Come Monday they'll have no idea why the books are wet and torn and in the pieces. Will that be okay? I want to make sure your machines can take it. I'll take you out on a very quick date to thank you. Very quick only because I don't want my bosses to see us together and realize I am the one who ruined their lives.



  1. Yeah, but did you do it?

    1. I cannot begin to explain how pleased I am that someone got and then responded to that reference.


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