Pillow Fight

Story Sent in by Ninna:

My city was having a mass pillow fight in a big park and this was where Pedro took me on our first date. Needless to say, I was really excited. I mean come on - who wouldn't love a giant pillow fight? We brought our pillows, joined the crowd, and when the organizers blew a whistle, it was ON!

Of course, Pedro and I took turns whacking each other but then other people came between us and hit at us and pillows were flying and it was a phantasmagoria of pillows, laughter, and fun. I lost track of where Pedro ended up but we both had our phones so it would be easy enough to connect after the event.

The event ended (it didn't last that long) and I took out my phone. I had missed a lot of calls and texts from Pedro, so I called him back.

"Where the hell are you?" he snapped.

I replied, "I-I'm by the fountain. What's wrong?"

He said, "You just left my side and started hitting other guys as if, I don't know, you wanted to sleep with them or something."


"Is that what you're doing right now? Sleeping with some guy? Because I don't know. You could be. I don't see you anywhere. I–"

I hung up on him and hurried away from anywhere that he could possibly find me.


  1. Pillow fight turned into pillow flight for Op when she found out that Pedro had pillow talk issues.

  2. He took "hitting on someone" quite literally, didn't he? It's a good thing they didn't go line dancing...he'd accuse her of knocking boots with every guy in the building.


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