Germs of Endearment

Story Sent in by Bob:

I took Jenn out to a nice restaurant. I ordered wine, she ordered orange juice. Our meals came out and we started on them. Then I asked her if she wanted to try some of mine.

She nodded and then she dunked her fork in my wine, stirred it around a bit, and then took some of my food.

I asked her why she felt the need to stir her fork around in my wine and she said, "Alcohol. Germs. Want to try some of mine?"

I said I did, but then I asked her if she expected me to swirl my own food-caked fork around in my wine before taking anything off her plate.

She said, "I think that would be the respectful thing to do. You know. Germs."

I then declined to try her food. That was our only date.


  1. What a waste of good alcohol

  2. *OP and Jenn preparing for sex for the first time"
    Bob: Wow, that's a pretty big bottle of lube Jenn.
    Jenn: It's sanitizer.

    1. Better that she sanitize before sex, than after...

  3. Haha, she sounded like a moron. Holy shit. I'd still have given her a second date though if everything else seemed cool. You could always educate her. I dated a dumb blonde type (male) I couldn't believe the ditsy things he did. We just got married last Thursday.

  4. I turned pale reading about putting a dirty girl in wine!


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