That Ol' Country Life

Email Sent in by Brenda:

Brenda darling,

How have you been? Loved your photos from the "Come As You Are" concert. You have so much potential and I am constantly amazed by your work. You have the best regards from the entire crew I am sure.

You said you were busy this weekend. Be careful on that racetrack! Those cars can go 250 miles an hour or more. Will you be taking photos of the hicks in the stands who are watching the race? I ask because sometimes they could be just as entertaining if not more so. Once I was at a race and this one hick guy in front of me who had a face like a morel mushroom snapped his head back and forth so much that it actually loosened and fell off! The hicks in the stands fought over his head like it was the last hotdog for sale and his kids took turns pooping down his warm neck cavity. Then we had to decide who was taking the body home and there was a raffle and I won and that's why I have a dead hick in my bedroom. If you find more bodies on your trip this weekend you can send them to me. I have room for three or four more. Remember me while you're out there!

Truth and peace,


  1. Ed's brain is a morel mushroom...

  2. You know if you want to ghost a gal Ed I think that'd be fine. Really. We took a vote.

  3. ...Well this was far too well articulated to be anything other than clear, certifiable, insanity

  4. "Oh, that body over there in the corner? Funny story..."

    Getting out in front of all the awkward questions before "sexy time" with this one.

  5. I liked that he signed "Truth and Peace" at the end. Ed must be a nice guy.


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