So Say We All

Story Sent in by Ila:

I was out on a date in a pub with Mason and he was laughing at almost everything I said. At first I thought he had a really low bar for humor or else maybe he actually thought I was really funny. My suspicions were raised when he laughed hysterically when I said something benign like, "I have an older brother."

I had to ask, "What's funny about that?"

He said, "Nothing. You're just such an idiot."

I left right then and there. I guess I can laugh about it, now.


  1. Lol I love this site. I read stories like this and think "hey I'm not such a trainwreck after all."

    1. I come here solely for the Russian mail-order bride advertisements on the borders...

    2. Strange, i get "Muslim Brides"

    3. Strange, I get "Local gays want your glory-hole action"

  2. Mason meeting a career advisor.

    Advisor: what level of education your parents have?
    Mason: my Da got a year 8 and my Ma did not finish primary.
    Advisor: Ah, ok. Anyone in your family is a role model for you?
    Mason: ... My brother... He is in university.
    Advisor: Oh, great. Which department?
    Mason: biology i think.
    Advisor: Good, good. Undergraduate? Post graduate? Professor?
    Mason: oh no, he is in a jar.

  3. * should've

  4. Mel, I don't let crap like that fly, either. That was wrong of him to say that.


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