Neigh it Ain't So

Story Sent in by Craig:

I live in a part of the country where it's not unusual for some folks to ride a horse (if they have one) around town. Jody and I got to talking online and she said she'd meet me downtown for a drink. I waited outside the bar for her to show up.

She arrived on horseback, but when she got closer and saw me she screamed, kicked at the horse, and took off. No words. No explanation. She just took off. She didn't respond to my emails but it was a small town and so when I reached out to her via a friend of a friend she said to me, "Your face must've scared my horse." Well thanks for your consideration, I guess.


  1. Always nice to have the flyover states check in...

    Now, cue the Chunky Horse jokes:

  2. Was he wearing a horse mask? Did her horse freak out thinking he was Chunky Horse in disguise?

  3. She just couldn't wait anymore to imitate Julia Roberts, wedding dress be damned!


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