Story Sent in by Kenneth:

Leila was really late to our first date, almost to the point that I gave up on her showing up to the cafe at all. She ignored all my calls and texts and after a half hour of waiting I was ready to go home.

Then my phone rang. It was Leila and I picked up. She apologized and said that she had a flat tire but that she had just parked down the road and was on her way. I was surprised that she had made it on a flat and told her that she could've just brought it into a repair shop (if she couldn't fix it herself) and postponed.

She told me that it sounded like it didn't believe her about her flat and she demanded I go out to her car and take a look at it, myself. I protested and told her that I believed her but she insisted that I go out to see it.

When I went out and walked down the street to meet her at her car, I saw that she had two flats! She said, "I just let the air out of a second one to prove to you that I actually got a flat. Now that I have two, you'll believe me."

I laughed at her, called her a fool, and left her standing there with her two flats and no date.


  1. Normally I'm not one for name calling and laughing at someone at their expense but Leila was a fool alright.How would letting the air out of another tire prove that she really had a flat tire?Leila ignored Kenneth's phone calls ad texts.Then she demanded he come outside to see her flat tire.A little over the top to try to prove she wasn't lying makes me think she caused both flats on purpose.I bet she got nervous and was going to stand Kenneth up and then changed her mind at the last minute and made up the flat tire to save face.But Kenneth wasn't into playing her games.He could've sat down with her at the cafe and been the nice guy but there really was no point after that.It's kind of hard to have respect for someone when they lack common sense.A fool and their flat tires are soon parted...

  2. Wow, way to miss an opportunity, OP. At least the TIRES got blown that night...

    1. Actually Steve the tires were deflated much like op's libido.It's kind of hard to be attracted to a ninny.

  3. This is how OP left her standing there. Also, girl was crazy insecure, but OP sounds like a douche.

    1. I thought op was kind of jerky at first too but then I thought about it and realized you can't feed into the fool.It's best to just walk away.

    2. I don't think OP was a douche. The bit about taking the car to a repair shop is more likely borne out of concern for the wheels of the car. Driving on flat is not the best thing to do.

  4. She definitely sounds like she might be a lug nut short of a full set, but I feel like she might have dodged the pothole that may well be OP, too. He could have handled his response a little better...


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