Why Shady Pines Has a Waitlist

Profile Sent in by Kenneth:

About me:

BY DAY: I teach math and science to four graders.
BY NIGHT: I have a secret! What is it? I used to tell people to message me to find out but I got really rude messages so I'll just tell you here. I strip for the elderly. And I make Loads more than teaching. You ever see an old man get excited? You will.


  1. Anybody that only has to teach four students should not be worried about having a second job. Unless they mean four road graders -- that could be more stressful.

  2. Well to be fair she did say that she was a math and science teacher,not an english teacher.And if you date her you get to see old men get excited.Or was she saying that Op was an old man?Heck,I see old men get excited when someone steps foot on their precious lawn.Old men get excitedly easily.Plus I am wondering what they stuff in her g-string...could it be $1 or perhaps coupons?And if they do use $1 do they ask for change back?She's a private dancer.A dancer for money.She'll do what you want her to do.

  3. You teach four people while they grade you? That does sound like a terrible job. Also, tripping for the elderly is a totally legitimate occupation. Now elderly strippers are something I would like to see.

    1. Tripping for the elderly? Sound like the perfect job. Pop some LSD and just tell them what you see, for them to enjoy. Cool.

    2. I volunteer as tribute

  4. I'm picturing old guys throwing down shot glasses full of Viagra pills while she gives them lap dances. Ehew, sometimes I creep myself out.


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