Phone Gnome

Story Sent in by Albert:

Angelica arrived after I did at a nice sidewalk cafe that I thought would be a good place for a first date. Right after sitting down she pulled out two phones and asked me, "Which one should I keep?"

One had a brand name that was written in Chinese and the other didn't have a brand name at all. I turned them both on and they both opened to welcome screens in languages that I didn't understand. I told her, "I don't understand either of these languages."

She said, "Just pick one. I'm selling the other."

I'm not a phone expert and I had no idea why my opinion was so important. I picked the one without a brand name because I liked the green and yellow colors on its welcome screen.

She took them both back, said, "That's what I thought. Thanks for the recommendation!" and then promptly left without another word. I was so surprised that I actually called after her and then when she didn't come back I called her phone (I wasn't sure if it was the number of either of the phones she had shown me but it was the only number I had for her). I left a voicemail but in the end I never heard from her again.


  1. It takes a lot of moxie to ghost someone right in front of them.Angelica did not waste anytime at ending a date she knew was not going to go anywhere.Perhaps Op looked different then his pics or she did not like his outfit or hair...who know's but one thing is clear,It was such 0- chemistry that she ghosted op face to face and fleed.Sorry Op but sometimes people act strange to avoid a situation they want to avoid.Ghosters are not good with confrontation and so that's why they ghost.

  2. Three months later.....Chinese phone commercial appears on Chinese TV. "Americans prefer Xie Chen brand cell phones over popular brands!" Commercial shows Albert picking the off-brand phone.

  3. You had two choices; the Redpill or the Bluepill. You chose the Bluepill and your life continued as normal.


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