Paper Boy

Story Sent in by Marc:

I was at Dina's apartment and we were watching a movie and I went to the bathroom. It was only when I was finished with my business that I saw that there was barely any toilet paper left on the roll. I guessed that she had spare rolls under her sink or somewhere else nearby but she didn't. There were no tissues, napkins, or even towels. Just a piece or two of toilet paper left clinging to the roll.

I called out to her a few times but she didn't answer. So I did my best with the tiny amount of toilet paper I had, hiked up my pants, and then planned to find some napkins or tissues to bring back to the bathroom to finish up. Gross but necessary.

I exited her bathroom and went to her kitchen. There were no napkins anywhere and I wasn't about to use her sole dish towel. I then returned to her living room and asked her if she had any napkins or tissues. She said, "Sorry, I'm all out."

I was in some big trouble. I had tissues out in my car and so I went outside to grab them and bring them inside to use.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to her bathroom to find a full roll of toilet paper waiting for me back in the holder. I finally finished what I had to and returned to the living room to ask her, "Did you just put in a new roll of toilet paper?"

She laughed and said, "In case you went to the bathroom while you were here, I wanted to see what you'd do!" She laughed.

I was put in a very uncomfortable situation all for her sick sense of humor. If I had treated her that way, there'd never be a next date. And so there wasn't.


  1. Always check before you go, dood! Dina knows the deal, and was screening out any jokers who didn't.

    You didn't make the cut, OP.

  2. Tell me you left, OP. Earn your cookie.

  3. That's how the toilet paper crumbles.

  4. OP handled the situation pretty well. He just rolled with it.


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