My Own Third Wheel

Story Sent in by Jason:

Moira talked a lot about her most recent ex on our date. It wasn't a constant topic but she brought him up often enough to make me think that she wasn't really over him. She even showed me pictures of the two of them together - a dead giveaway that I was right.

As we ate and afterward walked around she'd say occasional little things like, "Tim would eat like this," or "Tim would look at me like this when I ate," and so she clearly wasn't over him.

At one point we walked across a street together and when we made it to the other side she asked me why I didn't take her hand. "Tim would always take my hand," she told me.

I finally told her the thing I had been fighting telling her the entire time: "I'm sorry I'm not Tim."

She stopped walking and looked shocked. "You're not? All this time I thought you were! Impostor!" and then she took off back across the street without waiting for me. I had guessed she had had enough of me not being Tim. And to be honest I had had enough of her.


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