Love Hurts

(It's my birthday! I bring you joy all year. Bring me joy for once. Click here to check out my Amazon Wish List. Hooray! -JMG)

Email Sent in by Ed:


When I get too old to wipe my own ass will you wipe it for me? THAT IS LOVE. When I can't change the filter on the faucet because you screwed it too tight will you change your the filter? THAT IS LOVE. Will you cut off your junk because I ask you to? THAT IS NOT LOVE - THIS IS TRUE LOVE! Vinsent Vango had it wrong! It is not the ear but the junk that women want. LOVE IS TRUE!!!!!!!



  1. I bet you also love fava beans with a nice chianti.

  2. You should be scared when a woman watches a Lorena Bobbit documentary like a romcom.

  3. Actually I find it more disturbing that Aimee got Vincent Van Gogh's name wrong.Also Van Gogh did not cut off his own ear,a friend of his did so during a heated argument with a sword.A story was made up to protect said friend from prosecution.Oh right,back to Aimee...I don't think she's psycho,I just think she wasn't interested in Ed and decided to scare him away with a psycho pixie nightmare girl e-mail.If I'm wrong and Aimee really is cray cray then at least she does not hide it well.Shine on you crazy diamond...

  4. How to impress a new potential suitor: bring up ass wiping, then suggest he cut off his manhood? I know women need to try and set themselves apart from the "competition" when it comes to online dating; but if this was meant to be witty and humorous, she's doing it wrong. Lol

  5. happy birthday Mistah Jay!

  6. Happy birthday Jarrrrrrrred!

  7. If Ed does cut off his junk, will he also leave it in a brothel and get a doll made of him? THAT'S REAL LOVE

  8. Vinsent Vango is a lesser well known impressionist, trying, and failing, to ride on the real Van Gogh's fame (after his death, unfortunately) this is his most famous masterpiece here


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