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Story Sent in by Lynn:

Bryant and I met while birdwatching. We spent more time chatting than looking for birds so when he asked me on a date I thought it would be a good idea.

We did a picnic in a local park and then decided to - what else? - birdwatch! We walked down some paths and he asked me if I could do any bird calls. I impressed him with a few I could whistle and then asked him if he knew any.

He whistled the tune to Miami Vice. Before I could point out that that wasn't an actual birdcall, he then said, "And I also know this one," and he burped in my face.

I jumped away and coughed. "Why'd you burp in my face?" I asked him.

His face reddened and he looked like he was about to cry. He said, "It was an emu!"

He said nothing else but clearly it was my turn to say something. Only I couldn't think of anything. So I turned back to my binoculars and tried to find that double-crested cormorant I had spotted just moments earlier. I became so wrapped up in it that I didn't even notice Bryant leave.


  1. That's sad. Bryant made a basic mistake to even contemplate that girls find burps funny on the first date... You need to wait until married for that!

    Seems that if he stuck there and apologised enough, OP was not against giving him a chance though... But we will never know...

    1. Bananas would have given him a chance....

      Oh snap, beat Steve to it!

    2. Yes, this dude is stupid not malicious and did not know that gross is not the same as more intimate (well usually anyway -- but you people know what I mean).

    3. Bananas thinks a man with an active digestive tract is sexy and...

      Oh, I see Archie has this one covered! Moving on...

  2. The poor guy was hoping to catch site of a white breasted tit, or at least a pair of boobies, but no such luck. Op spotted a bird for him though.

    1. I was really hoping someone would mention tits and boobies.

    2. I like to feed the Tig Ol' Bitty birds. They like appletinis...

    3. Maybe he was hoping she'd ask to see his Dickie Bird ( The Architect inserts photo).
      Okay, I actually googled emu sounds. Nope, he was just belching like a jerk. Like whistling the Miami Vice theme to attract chicks. Sigh....oh the immaturity.....

    4. @ Punkpoodle - The Architect oblidges. Or did you mean this Dickie Bird?

      @ Bananas - I'm definitely a tits and boobies kind of guy.

    5. Boonies are my favourite thing to look at. I wish I had a pair of big ones but my husband won't let me make the expense.

    6. The Architect rules. I was thinking the man.


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