Ifs, Ands, and Gluts

Profile Sent in by Antonia:

About me:

I am the mountain that rises up suddenly in front of the airline pilot forcing him to change course suddenly to avoid midair disaster. Now hold that image and think of the man who embodies it. That would be me. I do not care for manly things like rings or towers or anything devised by mind or hand I only desire death for all others mind and body and for myself a glut of life alone. If you will be my ally in this life I will grant you parts of this life glut. What is a glut anyway?


  1. How would it be like to date a supervillain?

  2. Step away from the TV, guy.
    Get outside, Mountains don't' randomly shoot up after the ground.
    Maybe you should meet Tina the Breathe woman.

  3. that last sentence made the whole thing sound like this little guy reading something some big dude wrote for him to sound cool.

  4. Come on guys, he's just looking for his mountainous match!


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