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My favorite show is fragile rock. I just remember growing up and seeing all the lovable fuzzy fragiles under the ground being chased by that silly old dog. That dog is alive still I read. It's time to change the music! It's time to start the show! It's time to pick out curtains down at fragile rock! Down At Fragile Rock! DOWN AT FRAGILE ROCK! BOOMP! Haha love it.


  1. Damn auto correct. Now spoiling one's chances to get laid...

  2. Not sure how good those chances were to begin with to be fair to autocorrect. Not that it hasn't ruined plenty of lives.

    1. Yeah, I suppose that focussing on how much you like Fraggle Rock is not a winning opening line either, with or without auto correct mistake. Not that there's anything wrong about Fraggle Rock but... Yeah, keep it as a bit of trivia perhaps on the second date.

  3. Guys, I don't know why you assume it was autocorrect. This person is clearly is a massive fan of a hardcore emo band.

    Or maybe it is autocorrect, and be careful where this road leads...

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  5. Anyone remember the little Doozer guys in Fraggle Rock? I always thought it was cruel that they worked so hard on all their cool structures and bridges, then the Fraggles would just come by, break off a big chunk and eat it. Some poor Doozed foreman, shaking his head and shouting "Goddamnit!!!!"

    Also, what the fuck was up with this?


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