Floor to Floor

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Story Sent in by Heidi:

Cyril took me to "the best Chinese restaurant in town" for dinner. And what was this amazing place? It was a take-out only establishment - there weren't even any tables! There were only a couple of chairs that were probably only there for people to sit in while they waited for their take-out. But he grabbed the take-out bag (we split the cost), sat down in one of the chairs, pulled out the food, and invited me to "dig in."

He actually expected me to hold the containers of food right there in the chair while I ate from it. We really couldn't go to a place that had actual tables?

Then while he was reaching for a container of fried rice that I held, he dropped his container of fried chicken on the floor! What an idiot! And THEN! He actually scooped up the chicken and went back to eating it. It had been on the floor of a take-out place!

He ended up eating most of the food (I had quite lost my appetite) and then he asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream. I asked him, "What, so if it falls on the floor you'll keep eating it?"

He clearly didn't like that and we didn't go out again.


  1. Op's date was a clumsy cheap skate who believed in the 5 second rule and Op just wanted to sit down at a table and eat.Though they were not a perfect match they did however have a few things in common...they both lacked in communication ,and both just wanted to eat and neither got ice cream that fateful night.Op should of told Cyril point blank that she was not pleased with his choice of"restaurant" and they could of went some place else instead of milling about.Also I would not have payed for food that I did not want to 100% eat.Communication was no match for fried rice...

    1. With you.
      First question before ordering, could we go to a place and sit down while we get to know each other? No? Where will we be taking the food to eat? Those chairs? No, how about since I'm spending money here too....equal bad dates here.

  2. The OP is the bad date here. She's too bougie for the 5 second rule.

  3. If the take-out was amazing, I could see it being kind of a wacky thing to do for a first date to eat right there in the shop. But if my orange chicken hits the floor, I'm just going to leave it there. If my date's General Tso's chicken hits the floor and she scoops it up and keeps eating, then it's over.

  4. First, I thought OP was being petty. Chinese food is AMAZING. Then I thought her date was gross. Chinese food from the floor is slightly LESS amazing.

    In the end, I conclude that OP is still petty, but she still dodged a bullet.

    1. Agreed. But that's no reason to turn down ice cream.

    2. I find the text of that makes sense but the picture is random!


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