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Not a player anymore. Those days are long gone. Yeah. No longer will I have a different b in my room every night. Young ones old ones red ones black ones white ones blue ones. All good. Thousands have seen me naked in the years. But now I want the last one to be you. What am I looking for? Hard to say. I know her when I see her. Someone who is pure and kind. Someone who does not mind that I have had 1000s. Literally 1000s. Hard to not judge you based on the best I've had before but I promise to do my best. The last had better be best! First night togewther and I'll be watching. Will you?


  1. Oh dear, I hope you know that the harder you try to show off your "1000s," the more obvious it appears that's you've likely had 0s.

  2. I'd ask for a medical certificate before getting anywhere near him...

  3. "... red ones black ones white ones blue ones."

    Painting your fingers different colors does not count.

  4. "Blue ones" Maybe he keeps those in the crawlspace. Has anyone int the neighborhood noticed pets going missing?


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