Wedding Bait

Story Sent in by Harvey:

Stacey asked me to dress up nicely (in formalwear) for our first date together. She wouldn't tell me where she was taking me, only that she would do all the driving and that it was a surprise.

Surprised I was, indeed. She took me to a wedding. We arrived right at the tail end of the ceremony. At the adjoining reception she was quick to introduce me to the groom as her "boyfriend," which I wasn't.

In fact, the exact way she introduced me was, "This is my boyfriend, Harvey. My boyfriend. I have a boyfriend, see?"

The groom said, "Congratulations," and then went on to greet other people.

"My boyfriend!" Stacey barked after him.

Stacey then told me that she was all set and that we could go. I had some questions but decided not to ask any of them. She drove me back home, dropped me off without a thank-you, and sped away. Neither of us ever contacted the other.


  1. Did OP meet this girl on a dating site?
    I could just picture it! Stacey gets invited to a wedding, so she madly searches Plenty of Fish for a date! I love the way she thinks.

  2. My guess was that she was an ex of the groom, or that she insisted on a plus one when she got the invitation despite resistance from the bride and/or groom. Maybe they scoffed and mentioned she probably didn't have anyone to bring, but she came back with "proof."

    1. I think she was the groom's ex as well. This may have been a last ditch effort to show him what he'd be missing. When I saw the title and read the first line, I though she was luring him to marry her or something.

  3. I think the OP should start a service:

    Drive-By Boyfriend - Want to make your ex jealous? Need to prove to your parents that the guy you totally made up to get them off your back "really exists"? Need someone to go out with you to work functions so you don't look lonely and pathetic? Then you need a Drive-By Boyfriend! Yes, he'll drive by, pick you up, talk you up at your event, then drop you off at home on time, every time. Kind of like Uber, but your driver goes into your event with you.

    Fine print: Drive-By Boyfriends so not look like Ryan Gosling despite all of our advertising that clearly depicts women being picked up by Ryan Gosling. Drive-By Boyfriend is not responsible for any loss of face among friends, family, or co-workers when they inevitably find out you paid someone to be your boyfriend for a day. Drive-By Boyfriend (trademarked) is a subsidiary of the Sheinhardt Wig Corporation, all rights reserved.

  4. Why didn't she just use the Enterprise rent-a-car dude, like a normal chick?!

    1. Apparently I watch too much TV because that's exactly the same thought I had.

  5. I'm guessing the groom was a ex, too.


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