Hospit-all in the Family

Story Sent in by Lettie:

Patricia and I had gone out twice before. The third time she said she wanted to introduce me to her mother. She had barely mentioned anything about her family up until that point.

She picked me up and I asked her a bunch of questions about her mother, each of which Patricia answered with some version of, "You'll see when we meet her."

Patricia drove us to a hospital and led me to a reception desk. I was a bit panicky - she hadn't said a thing about her mother being in a hospital. At the desk she asked the receptionist where her mother, Terri, was.

The receptionist asked for her ID, then looked up the info on his computer. He said that Terri had been discharged. Patricia didn't seem at all affected by that news. Instead she thanked him and we left.

She then drove me home and said, "I have to find my mother. I'll be in touch."

She never was.


  1. When was Patricia's mother discharged from the hospital?Day?Time?How did she get home?Why didn't she call?Why didn't Patricia call her mother after hearing the news?Why didn't Patricia seemed surprised by the news?She told op she had to go find her mother as if her mother were some lost pet that wandered off.She told OP that she would be in touch but she never was....I think OP failed some ridiculous test."I'll be in touch" means"I'll never be in touch".Was it too many questions about the mother?Was it because OP might have started acting weird after being a"little panicky"?We may never know but one thing is for sure,the hospital is not the place for meet and greets.I'm sure mother would have loved to have met her daughters new boy friend of two dates while in her hospital gown.Who are we kidding...Patricia knew the mother was not there all along!Either a test or a sorry excuse to ditch OP.At least she drove him home,at least....

  2. That woman in the hospital was definitely NOT her mother. I think she was there to do a job and OP was her alibi.

  3. OP should have checked his date into the psych ward...

  4. That's a serious amount of work to just not go out with someone again. Does she know she can just say no when someone asks her out?

  5. I hope she found her... this sounds like a horror story in the making

  6. I wonder if Terri's a past lover, and the OP's date wanted to pretend she had a boyfriend.


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