Tough Omelets

Story Sent in by Manuel:

I had a really fun first date out with Constance. She had a couple of drinks and we never ran out of stuff to talk about. It grew late, I started to grow tired, and I was ready to head home. We took a brief walk around the block and she asked me, "Want to go back to your place?"

That woke me up. We went back to my house where I thought we'd proceed with some action but when we entered she made a beeline for my couch, flopped down onto it, said, "Don't touch me," and went right to sleep.

All right, then. I covered her with a sheet and went to bed, myself. There was no touching of her.

She was still there in the morning. Her first words to me when she woke up was, "What's for breakfast?"

I offered her eggs, toast, juice, and so on. She asked for a big omelet, I made one, she wolfed it down, then immediately left my place without so much as a thank-you. And so that was the last I saw of her.


  1. First time I've ever seen a Breakfast Whore!

  2. I bet OP burned holes into her back with his disbelieving stare as she just walked out after having him make her breakfast. He probably walked her out and watched her get on the bus to go home.

  3. Wow, I had a date almost exactly like this once. I touched her anyway, though. Squeal! She then barely touched her omelette or bacon, because she "didn't like cheese... or bacon..." Silly girl.

  4. "How do you like your eggs in the morning, baby?"


  5. At least he can say he's been on a date with an author, and that she probably wasn't wearing these.

  6. I bet she is broke and goes online at McDonald's to capture guys for free meals and a place to crash. She may actually be homeless. Honestly, this as ingenious as it is dangerous. Constance could get herself in a bad situation if she tries this with the wrong person.

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