Infinitely Polar Scare

Story Sent in by Charles:

In the middle of my first date with Monica, we had strolled out onto a pier. She asked me if I had any hidden talents. I told her that I could do lots of animal noises. She requested a camel, an elephant, and a peregrine falcon. I did all three to the best of my ability and she laughed and clapped at them all.

Then I asked her if she had any fun hidden talents. She said, "I can swallow six pills at once." So saying she pulled out a little pill box from her purse, emptied its contents into her mouth, and swallowed them. "They're for my bipolarism," she explained.

That alone wouldn't have been a deal-breaker. I have a bipolar brother and he does really well on his meds. But in Monica's case she became really quiet after several minutes and then with no warning punched my shoulder really hard.

"What was that for?" I asked, jumping away.

She said, "You're a guy. I'm sure you probably deserved it for one thing or another."

Okay then. Last date.


  1. OP missed out on Monica's hidden meaning of being able to swallow 6 pills at once...True,she has her polar opposites to contend with but I think if OP would of sucked it up,the night could of worked out to his vantage,I'm just sayin...

  2. I wonder what else she would've swallowed...now you'll never know OP! Sometimes the domestic abuse can be worth it.

  3. Wow, this takes me back to the early 2000s... young girls in flared out jeans and heels, popping handfuls of pills at a time for bipolarism. Poor naive non-jaded Steve was no match!

    1. There's stiLL time! 2016 is pretty early in the 2000s, go back and show those pill poppin ladies what's up.

    2. Meh, I'm old, fat, bald, and married now.

    3. Guess we'll all just have to relive our youth in the comments.

  4. Monica for the WIN! I laughed out loud when I read "They're for my bipolarism". Also, you know she's right OP. You deserved that punch in the arm for one reason or another.

  5. I know some hack doctor gave her a possibly viable diagnosis, but I think he was wrong. Personally, I think she just needs a new therapist-- mine's been wonderful!

  6. I just want to say, I've been reading these stories for years now and half of the reason I continue to do so is because of the comments. Keep up the good work, folks.


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