Butt Dial?

Email Sent in by Margaret:


Your prpfile is fun and unique. I am liking it. I especially like the picture of your with the butt. I will be honest "I am a man who likes butt." That is not the only part i like but that is my main part. I like other parts of you like your brain and if you are a nice person and I like the butt the best though. You can tell a lot by a butt. So it says when my brother said "Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the butts thereof." My brother is a seer.

Call me at 312555589913657578554FGH4.



  1. Steve's anaconda don't want none...

  2. Man, I think that guy gave you a bad number. I'm sorry for your bad luck, OP. He seemed like a great guy.

  3. Nice try, Sir Mix-A-Lot! We know it's you!

  4. If you dial that number you'll enter the Ministry of Magic. Marcus was trying to tell Margaret that yer a wizard, Harry.


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