What's the Matzah With You?

Story Sent in by Gregg:

At dinner Marguerite kept twitching and rubbing the left side of her face. I asked her if everything was okay.

She said, "Yeah... I think there might be Jews in here."


She said, "Yeah. I think I'm allergic to them!" She looked around and seemed very uncomfortable.

"I see," I said.

Only date.


  1. Are you sure she didn't say "juice"?

  2. OP was allergic to dumb...

  3. Jared is obviously setting me up to make trollish anti-Semitic comments... well, I defy you, sir!

  4. Ugh... can't... resist...

    I suspect that Bananas is a member of The Tribe...

    1. nope. but I do have an official justice League membership card.

    2. A tribe called loneliness...

      (It's a tribe of one)

    3. I thought that was called Members Only...

  5. Ugh what a story! Her antisemitism makes me want to barf....

  6. I bet Old Gregg stops taking his dates to temple after this. Seriously though, what a ditz.

  7. Allergies are not a choice! I'M certainly not bigoted against pollen...

    Allergies do not a bigot make.


  8. Eeesh dodged a great big shiny bullet there OP.

  9. Stupid question: Was it outside?

    If so, might she have meant a yew tree?


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