Were They Industrial Powered?

Story Sent in by Stephen:

I met Deb at an industrial machinery conference and after chatting her up for a few hours we both came back to my hotel room and had a good time.

My room had two beds in it and once we were done she near-leaped into the other bed and said, "Good night!"

I guess she wasn't a cuddler. It wasn't long before she was snoring. And not just snoring.

She farted. Again. And then again. And then 1,000 more times. Holy god, she farted up a hurricane. She let loose more cubic feet of wind than I thought possible for a human body to encompass. And I don't know what she ate but the smell became intolerable. I covered her butt over with all the sheets I could find but by then it was too late. I did my best to fall asleep amidst the ghastly aromas.

The room still smelled when I woke up the next morning. But she was gone. She didn't leave a note or anything but I didn't care. I had never been so happy to see a woman leave my life.


  1. Sleeping over is optional!It is not a requirement!After the booty call wrapped up you should of bid the booty bomber farewell.But oh no! She stayed and played the butt bongos all night long!And you woke up the following morning to find your little pop tart had vanished into the fanny fog never to be seen again.My guess?She evaporated with her last blast...She was insane in the methane!

    1. I can only imagine what kind of woman would be hanging around an industrial machinery conference... and it ain't pretty...

    2. Being with a woman like that could be a death sentence.

  2. Is this the plot of the classic movie Gone with the Wind?

  3. and here i thought men liked farts, i guess i'm not the only one!

  4. Everyone knows there are women who eat large amounts of beans before attending industrial machinery conferences just to find gullible suckers...

  5. Your love was gone OP, but her stench remained.

  6. Wait, Mr. Squidward. I smell a smell. The sort of smelly smell that smells... smelly.


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