For Reference, Horses Are Also Not-Persons

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About me:

I am the world's only person. This came to be when I was in first grade. My teacher said ""You're a PERSON!!!"" and I was hooked from then on. She said it to no one else in class and I have not seen anyone else called a person. Not that this means that I AM the only person but I am the only one I know of. I will date persons and not persons. I want to feel love and loved and all that crap so come say hello!!!


  1. Chunky horse approves of persons dating non persons. Non persons need all the love too.

  2. My dear children, it is imperative that you remember you are unique.

    Just like everyone else.

    1. That damn teacher, inspiring uniqueness.

  3. If that joke is no good, I offer this one.

    Everyone look under your seats. That's right! Everyone is a person! You're a person! YOU'RE a person!! EVERYBODY'S A PERSOOOOOOOON!!!!

  4. A person's a person no matter how small...or chunky.

  5. I'm a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater. So.....dinner at your place?


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