Does Insanity Have a Smell?

Email Sent in by Buddy:

Hu!!! I like your profile! If you can tell me what I smell like from just reading the e-mail then I will go on a date with you! HERE ARE HINTS!

1 not like a flower
2 not like a food
3 not a regular girl smell. Think outside the box!

Let me know if you know my smell. I'll be waiting.



  1. Cassie is a head case and smells like poo!Either that or cats,or wet dog,or moth balls.One thing I'm betting on she does not smell like is a dream come true...

    1. Ugh mothballs, someone came in today who smelled like they slept with them. Eeesh

  2. Replies
    1. I'm suspecting that she wears Guess perfume.I guess she takes things way too literally...

  3. Loneliness, pigeons, broken dreams? Have I guessed yet?

  4. Lies? Failure? Formaldehyde?

  5. An irregular girl smell then, like a bacterial infection. Red light district at low tide, like fish Fancy Feast flavors!


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