On Stranger Tides

Story Sent in by Ada:

Perhaps stupidly, I have a bikini photo of myself up on my profile. Jason messaged me, didn't say a word about it, and we wound up on a date together. Coffee. Simple.

When he saw me he seemed really disappointed and said, "I was hoping you'd be in your bikini."

I said, "We're out for coffee, not at the beach. I don't usually wear swimwear when I'm out."

"But you were out and about in your profile photo."

"I was out and about on a boat. On the water."

"Oh. Okay." He took a moment to think about the situation and said, "I'm just gonna go."

He left and that was the end of my spectacular date with Jason. He sent me an email afterward with the bikini photo attached and said, "Can you maybe wear this the next time I ask you out? Thought I'd make it obvious. :) "

Yeah. That's a big no from me.


  1. Before I pass judgement, I need to see the photo in question...

  2. No teeny bikini for that weenie...

  3. Like a dog with a bone, he just wouldn't let it go.

    1. You were supposed to say "OP, did it look something like this?" (With the word "this" hyperlinked to someone in a Borat bikini.) You're slipping, man!

    2. Damnit, my lack of coffee is definitely showing. Ok, maybe this makes up for it:
      Dude was checking her out in that bikini like Gallagher checks out a watermelon.

  4. That is what I hated about dating websites. 75% of the men are looking at the pictures and page for details about how sexually available the women are. Not to emotion there is an option right on the page that will say when the user is looking for. Sadly the best approach to avoid perverts is to just show a face shot smiling and one single picture. I had a guy on there assuming I was looking for a hook up because I posted a picture of myself at my grandma's funeral with my hair curled.

    1. Selfies at funerals, malapropisms, and grammar mistakes- I hate to sound like a troll, but wow! Just.... wow.

    2. Selfies at funerals, malapropisms, and grammar mistakes- I hate to sound like a troll, but wow! Just.... wow.


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