Beer Necessities

Story Sent in by Colby:

Anna and I were having a nice time over wine in her kitchen. We had just ordered in and I assumed that a night of chatting, watching a movie in her apartment common area, and hopefully more would shortly commence. She lived with a roommate but she assured me that he was gone for the night.

We were still at the table when her roommate returned. I was a little disappointed as I had hoped to be alone with Anna for the night but what happened next changed all that.

I was about to say hi to the guy when Anna jumped out of her chair, turned to the wall, and screamed, "It's not like my roommate just came home!" and smacked the poor man right in the face!

He yelled at her, "You stupid bitch! You stupid, stupid ho-bag! Get the hell out of my face! Stupid! Stupid!"

She flew out of the kitchen, ran to her bedroom, and slammed the door.

The roommate went on like nothing had happened. He said, "She's like that," then opened the fridge, pulled out a beer, and offered it to me.

I took it and left.


  1. Hello Op,she went to her room....she wanted you to follow.Crazy sex is the best sex.You missed out on it.But you got a beer....that you did.At least there's that.How much you want to bet the roommate was her ex or BBB(best bed buddy).Because no way in hell do you live with crazy unless you are getting sum crazy.

    1. I was doubting you at first Melanie, but actually, I think you nailed it. Also, I'm glad OP got the beer although I wouldn't have left right away. I'd have drank with the guy and let him tell me all the details of how crazy she is.

  2. You missed out on so many fun stories from the roommate. I mean, bullet dodged for sure, but come on crazy stories are the best stories.

  3. I love that you just took the beer with you. It's been a while since an ABCOTD story made me snort in amusement.

  4. Those roommates were definitely more than just roommates

    1. Roommates with benefits? Like pizza?

    2. best roommates indeed! and I'm sure pizza was involved somehow (it always is)...after all, they had so much room for activities.



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