Game of Thrown

Story Sent in by Ruby:

This happened when I was in high school. I was into a big, quiet guy named Clarence. We flirted back and forth and he invited me to his house to hang out and see his cat. I love cats and he knew it.

When we got to his house he had me wait in his living room while he fetched his cat. A few moments later he entered with a giant puffball of a creature and he said, "Enjoy my CAT!" and he threw the cat at me.

The cat freaked out and swiped at me. I screamed and ran from the house while all the while Clarence laughed and laughed.

He apologized to me in school the next day but I was definitely over him by then.


  1. Talk about flipping the script! Moments before that, you fully intended to throw your cat at HIM!

    1. Are you *not* supposed to throw cats at people to flirt? I... I may have been doing this flirting thing wrong the whole time...

    2. I feel like Steve is getting progressively more and more satirical because no one has been taking his troll bate lately. Steve, do you need some comment attention? How do you give likes on this thing? Or do you just want some comment seks?

      Also, OP, high school guys are almost never worth even a moment of your time because they're still under the impression that they need to act stupid/reckless/dickish in order to get the "right" kind of attention.

    3. Bananas... when I get that feeling, I need (comment) sexual healing... Hopefully the doctor gave you that "extra stitch" after your birthing experience, if you know what I mean...

      Meh, many guys never outgrow that middle-school stage of throwing rocks at girls they like. I no longer throw anything other than verbal jabs, under the guise of "banter." ;-)


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