A Bad Case of the Skates

Story Sent in by JL:

A skate park seemed like a great place to bring Aimee for a date. We both skated and we got along really well online.

The problem arose when we made it to the park and were skating for a little while. Whenever someone took a spill - regardless of their age - she would laugh pretty loudly and call them a "Tard."

A guy our age would fall off his board and she'd say, "Fail, you tard!"

A pair of girls holding hands would slip and one would pull the other down. Aimee cackled and said, "Great job, tards!"

A little boy who was likely trying it for the first time fell backward and Aimee laughed and laughed. "Good going, little tard!"

I finally took her aside and said, "That's a little mean."

She gave me a really nasty look and said, "Then why don't you just marry and screw all these tards, you love them so much?"

She skated away from me. I didn't follow her and I just concentrated on having as good a time as I could. I sort of hoped she'd take a spill, herself. But she never did. When I was done skating I told her I was going and she looked a bit surprised but then said, "Whatever," and skated away.


  1. How old were the two of you? Her behavior and my ability to say "kids say the darnedest things" depends on your answer.

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  3. I'm surprised no one told her off,but would not be surprised if she's still single...Should have triple dogged dared her to do a 900...set sail face plant!

  4. ...and then she grew up to screw older men for Playboy fame, and took a photo of a naked woman at a fitness club, mocked her, and laughed and laughed and...etc. Ya wonder where they come from?!?


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