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Story Sent in by German:

When I was on my date with Valerie I noticed that she had a serious case of plumbers' butt. Her pants were literally hanging a quarter of the way down her ass. I was sitting next to her while we ate lunch at a picnic table and so I leaned over and whispered that information to her.

She stood up immediately and ran for the bathroom. When she came back her pants had been fixed and she passed me a note. I opened it up and she had handwritten, "What you just did was extremely rude."

No. What I just did was polite. You were mooning everybody. Would you have wanted to continue on all day without me telling you? If so then why would you have just fixed the issue? Was she picking a fight with me? Of course she was!

So I said, loud enough for people at neighboring tables to hear, "Sorry, Valerie. I thought you'd want to know that you were mooning everybody. Your naked ass was hanging out and I deserve a thank you for letting you know."

Valerie grabbed her half-eaten lunch and moved to a table further away. This girl had a real politeness problem and so I called, "You're welcome!" after her. I didn't realize that I'd be teaching someone all about politeness that day but I was up to the challenge.

Once I was done with my lunch I threw out my trash and looked for her but she was gone. Didn't even say goodbye. I guess she was just angry at all guys or the whole world or something.


  1. What you did at first was fine.You told her in a whisper that her butt was showing.The note she gave you saying you were rude was weird but perhaps she thought you might have whispered a bit too loud or you did not whisper at all.But then when you got loud for everyone around to hear that was rude.Sounds like you were the bad date.The note was weird and how anyone does not not their but is exposed is beyond me.So she's a self-conscious ,cheeky girl and you're a noise maker....

  2. You 'deserve' a thank you? I dunno, does anyone else get the creep vibe from this guy?

  3. I'm with the others -- at first you were polite by quietly telling her about the situation. Yelling out the information later, no matter how weird her note, is way beyond rude. Sorry dude, you're the loser here.

  4. Same. She was embarrassed and reacted badly to what you told her, but she dodged a bullet on that date.

  5. What if she WAS a plumber, though? It's 2016, chicks can be plumbers if they want...

  6. I'm guessing his whisper was too loud; the fact she used a note probably what she thought would have been a more appropriate way to tell her. Passing a note is not picking a fight, the OP is a douchebag and she was smart to end the date. Anyone who belittles someone that way in public will do worse in private.

  7. Given the tone of this post, I am having some difficulty in imagining that his initial whisper to her was as polite as he insists it was. Basically, he comes across as an enormous jackass, and enormous jackasses are renowned for their delusional self-image.

  8. Am I the only one who reads the young age in this post? The language and jackassery seem to be that of a teenager or even a middle schooler.

    OP, whether I'm right or wrong about your age, let me tell you one thing: if that level of childish sarcasm is your response to a note, you're the idiot, and you will never achieve any level of happy relationship until you learn to communicate and treat people with common decency.

    1. TIL eating together in the school cafeteria counts as a date.

  9. OP, WHY did you TELL her that her butt was showing? You could have enjoyed the whole date staring at some nice butt cleavage. Also, OP was a douche, etc...


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