At Least

Story Sent in by Marilyn:

I met up with Rex at a coffee shop. While we were there together he told me that I looked like his friend Irene. He said, "Of all my friends, she's the one I'd want to sleep with the most."

He then took out his phone and called Irene right then and there. He wore a big grin and asked her what she was doing. I didn't hear her words but when Rex replied, "Nothing important," to something Irene said, I assumed it was in response to, "And what are you up to?"

He then asked her, "Want to hang out?" and then said, "Okay! See you soon!" He hung up his phone, stood up with his drink, and left without a goodbye. At least he paid for mine. I guess.


  1. plot twist, there's no Irene. he just wanted to end the date and did so in one of the rudest ways he could. it's the equivalent of you having a girlfriend call you out of a date for an "emergency."

  2. Plot twist: you were the consolation date

  3. Interesting... Rex is named after his dog, just like Henry Jones...

  4. He left a date to go actively participate in friend zoning himself. I hope Irene asks him to be her maid of honor, one day


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