The Wedding Singer's Later Years

Email Sent in by Quimby:

LOVE your pale white legs. DO you sell them? I do not mean like a prostitute sells her body. I mean can I take you out and touch them for a song? A dance? A dinner date perhaps? SONG COMMENCES: "We got a lot, a lot of time to marry the girl (oh my!) but once, but once I touch her LEGS! The time is over, over when the time I touch her legs comes, the time I touch her legs comes... TONIGHT@!"

I can sing more of the old classics! Wait! There is also "We're gonna go OUT tonight, we're gonna get DUMB tonight! By dumb we mean silly and strange and not mute and stupid!"

ONE MORE TIME! "The whispers at work come late the whispers at work! The whispers at work are for theeeeeeeee!"

Thank you and goodnight!



  1. The modern song writer is on more coke than I remember. Take your beautiful, pale legs and run for the hills, OP.

  2. You know this guy has a mannequin in his house. Well, part of one, anyway.


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