The Pinnacle of Civilization

Email Sent in by Lauren:

It is warm out. Such weather makes a man grow long in the year and long in the you know where. Let me explain: from times of old men have wanted and craved women but "civilization" as we know it was built and walls of both the actual wall and emotional walls types were built. Love is not what it should be and most time is spent tearing down the walls. What best to tear down walls than a large stick and the large stick in the pants. How long until we embrace our desires and grow to enormous size? It was said by a wiseman: you are the one. The only one for me is you and it is warm out. Let us throw aside these walls and embrace our inner desires!



  1. How beautifully poetic. This man had my heart at "stick in the pants." Tell me you replied op, for my sake and yours.

    1. I'm tempted to fight you for him...but I'll bet there is more than enough to go around.

  2. I bet he's in construction and demolition. Especially with a name like Bruce.


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