That's Not How Babies Work

Email Sent in by Dave:

I like the photo of you on your profile of you with the baby. Do you have a baby? We are all now at the age where men can be single dads. BUT CAN YOU PROOOOOOOOOOOVE THE BABY IS YOURS? It is easier then ever to walk into any hospital and walk out with a baby. Now that you have a baby they cannot remember their mothers or birthfathers and you can just stick a hand up its hind and use it as a puppet to say "yes this is my daddy" but is it really? Do you have proof that the baby is your own? I might want to see it just so you know. A birth certificate with your name on it or anything will be fine with me.

I await your email!

Til you return,


  1. Dave... you are NOT the father!!


    1. Damnit, that was good! Bananas for the WIN!

  2. ..."you can just stick a hand up its hind and use it as a puppet to say "yes this is my daddy" ..."

    I think she is thinking of muppets.


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