Smells Like Limburger to Me

Email Sent in by Teresa:

Hell to the O. You are pretty.

We can spend the night watching 8 million ways to die while making 8 million cheese curls. If you fail in your half of the cheese curl making then we will sit you down to discuss your failings. I can walk you through the first 500000 cheese curls but the rest is on your own. I cannot hold hands while watching 8 million ways to die. The cheese curls can bake for a while in my oven so you can stay over on my couch. I will not touch you all the night long. I just want to enjoy the 8 million cheese curls this week and watching the movie seems apt. We can then celebrate with pops at the party store in my 81 chevrolet. Balince the budget.

cheese cheese chease chease chease chease curls.



  1. This doesn't sound awful....

  2. Replies
    1. Cheese curls are love. Cheese curls are life.

  3. I now have wakened and realized I have been the victim of a 1970's CIA thought-control experiment using the safe-words "cheese curls", as my eyes crossed and I snapped out of that droning mantra -- thank goodness for that post that matched the heartbeat of repetition! However...I...What the hell am I doing in Texas and how am I forty years older?!? (screams) Cheese curls. :(

    1. Arise, comrade. Chunky Horse will be your handler.

  4. Stop. Just stop. You had me at Cheese Curls.


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