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Story Sent in by Shanelle:

After dinner with Will we went to the beach. It was pretty cold out but a moonlight walk on the sand was a nice idea as long as we were bundled up.

After strolling alongside the water for a while he threw off his jacket, his shirt, his pants, and his shoes. He ran for the water and jumped in.

I was aghast. It had to be close to freezing out! He shot out of the water almost immediately and screamed. "Cold! Cold, cold, cold!"

"What did you think!?" I said as he scrambled to pick up his clothes and throw them back on.

I asked him, "Why'd you do that? You could catch hypothermia, pneumonia, the common cold–"

"Spontaneousness," was his response.

I sat with him in his car for close to an hour with the heaters at full blast. Once he was done shivering we called it a night and parted ways. He didn't call me after that and I sure wasn't going to reach out to him. What if we visited a tall building's observation deck? Would he throw himself off the top in the name of "spontaneousness"?


  1. Another victim of reading too many dating profiles where women want a man that is "Spontaneous and able to surprise me". I'm sure he thought he was golden after that stunt.

  2. What was going through your head when he suddenly started stripping?

  3. Silly thing to do, sure, but if that is the only reason you chose not to contact him again I think you just may be a little too uptight.

    1. The REAL reason is the "shrinkage" she caught a glimpse at after he came out of the water... poor guy!

    2. Well, he didn't contact her either so it wasn't like she turned down a second date.

    3. Agreed. Sounds like the OP should seek medical assistance to remove that stick.

  4. He could be okay... It kinda makes for a mildly interesting first date story to tell your mutual friends one day. Mayhaps he thought he'd impress you with his wild spontaneity. It worked for me. *Day dreams and hums to myself quietly*

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah I'm glad someone mentioned that. OP lost a bit of respect from me there.

  6. He knew the water was cold, he jumped in to wake himself up because you're boring as hell, OP.

  7. Ignore the 12 yr olds op. Girls shouldn't be with 12 yr olds.


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