Wine, Women, and Gone

Story Sent in by Camille:

Jon's profile had him listed as single. After we sat down and had a couple of drinks he said, "I'm married. But I won't be for much longer."

I was ready to up and leave after that statement but I asked him, "You're divorcing?"

He replied, "No. But I think she's not long for this world, if you know what I mean."

I pressed, "You mean she's sick?"

He said. "Yeah. Sick." And then he blurted out a peal of loud, creepy laughter... and he didn't stop.

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he went on, drawing frightened glances our way.

I finished my wine and left without a look back. He just kept going and didn't even seem to notice that I was leaving. Creepster!


  1. You made the right move OP. This guy was going to straight up murder his wife. Guys like that tend to not make good husbands.

  2. OP is the bad date here. She should have made sure he took out a hefty life insurance policy on his wife first.

  3. Was he acting angsty or jittery before this moment? Guy could have been on cocaine. Or missing a frontal lobe. Or insane and you should have called the cops for his wife's sake.

    Or he decided you weren't any fun and wanted to get rid of his bad date.

  4. OP, you dodged a bullet, I hope you patted yourself on the back and continued a great evening without him.

  5. Well, I'm glad you finished your wine.

  6. I'm becoming convinced that there are a bunch of frat boys out there that read this website and have a point system for how many times they can find themselves in the posts.

    1. The reality is that these stories are mere vessels to carry encrypted messages to my fellow Chunky Horse agents across the globe, under His auspices... We are coordinating our moves in preparation for our world dominance... A new age of darkness shall be upon you all, MUAHAHAHAHA!

    2. The real Jared retired with his ABCotD millions years ago. Chunky Horse now runs this site.

    3. It's true. My comment love with Steve is purely so that I'll be chosen last in the long list of Chunky Horse victims. Also, he's so dang handsome! Just LOOK at those letters. The form, the poetic order in which they're placed to create words! How could I find anyone with more comment grace? *grins hugely while glancing with worry at steve*


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