Time Lies

Story Sent in by Bobby:

I'd have these long, involved conversations with Patricia over the phone. They'd last deep into the night. I liked her a lot and looked forward to meeting her.

Late one morning after a night-long phone call with her, I woke to a text from her that read, "Are you a good guy?"

I wrote back, "I think so. What do you think?"

She replied, "I need some time to think about it. Is that all right?"

Confused, I replied, "Sure. Can I ask what brought this on?"


I didn't hear from her that day or that week. I wrote to her after about a week and a half to check in and she replied, "Still thinking."

I decided to leave it at that. She didn't write to me that week, that month, or that year.

In fact, I had quite forgotten about her when she ultimately did write me back, a few weeks ago. It was a simple, "I think you are a good guy! Want to hang out?"

It had been eight years since I had last heard from her. In that time I had moved twice, married, had a child, and now have another one on the way. Suffice it to say, it took her a bit too long to figure it out.


  1. Is this a good post? I need to think about it...

  2. Bobby's setting up a nice little side piece... nice...

    1. But she'll be 64 by the time she decides she is actually ready to meet up for some action!

    2. She'll really need some Depends by the time he's done with her!


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