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Take two masters degrees, the consideration of a possible Ph.D., salutatorian status (twice!), and a bucket of bacon and you get me. I LOOOVE BACON. I had to restrict myself to cooking it on the weekend. I love bacon memes and bacon ragefaces. Also a fan of celebrities who like bacon. I have a list somewhere and can share if you want to see it. One thing I will not share is my bacon. Love the crunch love the salty taste love the layers of bacon in bacon itself. Not clothes not makeup not concerts not anything can be a better gift for me than the bacon. I know that guys like honesty so here I am - take it or leave it!


  1. Bacon rageface? Is that like the PMS rageface the chick had from a few stories ago?

  2. Guys do like honesty, and I can honestly tell you that you're going to have terrible cholesterol.

  3. If you went out with this girl, you'd always be wondering if she was thinking about someone else.


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