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Blarg. What do I put here? Let's see. I am a dude who likes having a good time when he's out. I like a good homecooked meal. For all three meals if possible. I like trees and nature walks. I also really like the White Sox. Why are they so baaaaaaad? They're like purposefully the worst thing ever. Come on, Danks! HUSTLE DANKS HUSTLE! WHY CAN YOU RUN ONLY AS FAST AS A LAME RABBIT? AND QUINTANA?!!? YOU DISGRACE THE UNIFORM AND YOU DISGRACE COLOMBIA. WE WILL SUMMON OUR UN AMBASSADOR TO YOUR COUNTRY AND KICK HIM OUT. THEN WWIII WILL START ON YOU. EVERYONE VERSUS COLUMBIA AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND EVERYONE YOU EVER CARED ABOUT WILL BE GONE BECAUSE YOU THROW LIKE A GIRAFFE?????

As you can tell I'm very passionate about our hometown and its team. That's gotta be worth something right?


  1. This guy is clearly a fake. Living in Illinois I can vouch that white Sox fan would never talk about them like that; that's a cubs fan thing.

  2. I don't... WWIII? Giraffes? Columbia?!?? WHEN??????

    I just can't keep up with the crazy.

  3. Chicks dig guys who are obsessed with sports teams.

    1. As someone who thoroughly enjoys making mountains of finger foods and entertaining guests, this I can confirm for at least some of us.

  4. Better baseball than football...but as a Cubs fan I can't stand behind someone who cheers for the sox.


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